Saturday, March 17, 2012

Laker Lovin.

Those of you who know me (and hopefully you do if your snoopin on my blog), know that I love the Lakers. I am a huge fan. A fan who is too poor to attend the games, but come game time, you can bet im sitting at home cheering on my home team. 

Here is why I love my boys in Purple.

I know we get all the jokes about the formerly known artist named Artest, but I kinda love that we have someone on our team with a wild streak. A loose cannon. A media favorite.  A second Dennis Rodman, if you will. 

We are a team! (and yes I realize Fisher is no longer on it).  Sure, Kobe is the leader but the others follow, like a faithful pack. 

The black Mamba knows his limits and doesn't cut any corners with protecting his facial features. That is smart! 

The Lakers win Championships and appreciate their fans! And let me tell you, Laker Fans are loyal. 

The Lakers bring friends together. This was one of the FIRST Melcat experiences, and even though it was 100 degerees and claustraphobic it was glorious! 

Make new friends. Cheer on your team. Perfect LA day. 

The Lakers make my bond with my Brother-in-Law Lance, even that much stronger. We text...about the Lakers. We talk...about the Lakers. We discuss...the Lakers. And each time I walk away with a greater appreciation for my sisters marriage.  Thank you, Colleen. 

How can that smile not make you happy? It makes me giggle just looking at that pure winner joy. 

The Lakers appreciate the Make out face and the feeling is mutual. 

My cutie Fiance recognizes and encourages my love for the Lakers. He bought me these beauties for my Birthday! 

 The Lakers give me something to buy my Dad for Christmas. (The hat, not the television. Although thats how we watch the game!) 

The Lakers take chances and go for it. Old lady in the front row? Run her down. All for the  love of the game. Now THAT is dedication. 

And my final last (but not least) reason for loving the Lakers....They have a really attractive following. And seriously, who questions the good looking people? 

So there you have it. If your a JAZZ fan, im questioning your motives. If your a CELTICS fan im not sure we can be friends.

Bleed. Cheer. Fight. Purple & Gold

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