Saturday, November 20, 2010

My advice for the lads. Your welcome.

Boys... You may print out this blog page and refer back to it when you find a lady you wish you court. But be warned, the information included will be surprising and extremely effective.

1. Open the door for the ladies. You do this and she will swoon at your gentlemanly gesture. Having manners is an important quality to have. Unless your dating Lindsay Lohan...I don't think they let you open jail cells.
"Oh why thank you dollface."

2. initiate the first date- Its a good idea to have an idea and go forward with a plan. And NO, texting or emailing to ask us out, isn't a good notion.

3. Keep the conversation rolling- Im not saying to entertain us with circus tricks all night, but there are only so many questions we can ask you about your kitten 'Snuggles'.

4. We like to laugh. Preferably from something witty. But you know, not everyone is that gifted. Try harder. Find what makes us giggle. And do it.

5. A small touch can do wonders for you. A hand on our back for no more than 3 seconds. Past 4 and your getting too comfortable. Brushing our arm when talking to us also is a nice move. But tread cautiously , some girls don't like to be touched. (Who are these girls, I don't know...)

See. he played his cards right.

6. Find something we are passionate about and ask us about it. Even if your not interested...We ARE...and if your interested in US, you may want to change your outlook.

7. Be yourself from the beginning. Because before long were in a relationship with someone we haven't even met.

8. Compliment. I cannot stress this enough. Don't overdue it, because then its not sincere. But if you notice something you admire, tell her.

This is NOT a good example.

9. Don't hold out waiting for "your type". Try and be open to different personalities. Opposites attract? Try it. If you really DO only like tall green eyed blondes with perfect teeth....good luck.
Better luck next time , fellas.

10. Don't be embarrassed if you come off nervous. Seriously, nervous boys are the most endearing creatures. It shows us that we make you nervous. (and we secretly like that), and the fact that you don't act like this ALL of the time. Unless you DO act nervous all of the time...then you should probably see a therapist.
So attractive.

Be yourself. Be open. Be proud. and be funny. Because whats a boy without a sense of humor? No good.

And if you happen to fit all these points and your single MY number is (626) 353...


  1. thank you!! This was very well said. I agree with every point you made. Now if only the Logan boys will read this! haha

  2. I think this should be printed on nice paper and given to all the boys in the warLd (ward/world...whichever)

  3. genius.
    i feel like a lucky woman right now.

    also i agree with christene. lets send this out to the g7 boys!

  4. Um, I think you should submit this to the LA Times, NY Times, the internet, the world, Obama... we need every guy to read this. LOVE it. And yes, nervous boys are the most adorable creatures... they make us feel like a million bucks. Love you Cat.

  5. Hey boys - those digits are correct - just 4 more to guess!

  6. Oh my gosh... you are hilarious Cat, and SO on point!!! Loved it!

  7. I love that you used different font for everything! haha! great blog!

  8. completly agree with AEJ.
    lets send this out!

  9. This is good stuff and I'm not sure I understand it all. But we'll try and spread the word. I'm so glad I'm a guy - even though we're usually so slow on the uptake. Oh, PS. I'm so nervous writing this.