Monday, April 1, 2013

Domestic Goddess thanks to the World Wide Web

Time flies, you know that? Feels like just yesterday I was rambling on my blog about not being able to be domestic. Remember this post?

I was so stressed that I would not be able to feed my new family of two. I would have nightmares about living off canned peaches and feeding Mr. Buhler hamburger helper. I am here to update you. I know that you have sat here since then, everyday wondering how I am doing in the kitchen. I know you are worried that I have mistaken sugar for salt, or that I have somewhat scorched the bottom of my Calphalon non-stick pan. I am here to tell you, I have not. (Actually, I am a total liar. This did, in fact happen when I didn't realize that the water had all been evaporated while steaming broccoli. Don't worry. My Husband googled how to remove the burnt crust, and proceeded to boil water with baking soda off and on for 3 days. Good as new! Thanks hun.)

Other than that little "less than perfect" dinner, I have really become quite the cook. I have even been called the term, "domestic goddess." Yes. It was by me. I called myself a domestic goddess, but thats besides the point! I like to peruse the website "Pinterest" and find out things that look interesting to try. Mr. Buhler always comes home wondering what new concoction I have found on that website. "But honey, I know what I am doing, I saw it on Pinterest!" has been uttered just a few times within our household. I also like to find recipes from blogs and I really love my mormon girl cookbooks. "Our Best Bites" & "The Lion House" Cookbooks. (Side point: there are more recipes than just for jello and funeral potatoes in those cookbooks. My favorites are for baby shower slush, and tuna noodle casserole. Just kidding, this is turning into a bad mormon stereotype... Im sorry.)

Here are some of my favorite recipes as of lately.

cliantro chicken tacos
The quick pesto for the chicken in this recipe is so amazing. You could even eat just the chicken and it is delicious. So easy!

Browned butter gnocchi with broccoli
It is so yum! I have recently just tried cooking gnocchi and it is really good even just tossed with a pre-made pesto sauce. (I half this recipe if I am making it just for Peyton and I.)

Hummus crusted chicken
I love this recipe because it is foolproof and also easy to tweak to your liking. I like trying new hummus flavors as well. Seriously foolproof and super yummy.

Baked Chicken Fajitas
This is such a great website. I have liked almost all of the recipes I have tried from them. This one is really easy and packed with lots of flavor. Great for leftovers, as well!

Sweet & spicy bacon chicken
I love this one! Definitely has great flavors going on. Sweet and spicy. Plus, everything tastes better when its wrapped in bacon.  Which brings me to my next recipe..

bacon wrapped green beans
Mr. Buhler and I made these to accompany our steak dinner and I think I ate more of these than the steak. Which Peyton was happy about because he got to eat my meat. With brown sugar and minced garlic drizzled over them..they are so good!

peanut butter bars (Takes like Reeses!)
These are addicting and so unhealthy, which means they are DELICIOUS! I made a pan of them for the teachers at my school and I had people interrupting my class to see if I could pass along the recipe.

Oreo pudding choclate poke cake
I like the concept of this recipe, its very versatile with all the different varieties you could try. Fortunately, this one is so good that I haven't tried to switch it up.

Chicken & veggie skewers
This is a great meal for during the summer. Good on a grill but worked fine with our grill pan, also. I liked how the vegetables and the meat were in one dish. I think I added fresh fruit to the side and it was the perfect summer meal.

I am so thankful for the internet and how it helps me to brach out and try different recipes. I am also a very visual learner so the step by step pictures help me, a lot! I seriously don't know how people cooked for their families before the internet. Did everyone just have a family cookbook? What are some of your favorite recipes? Let me know if you try any of my favorites listed here! :)


  1. I love this post!!!! I'm excited to try some of these recipes!

  2. Thanks for the links! You are my hero!