Sunday, March 4, 2012

Peycat Honeymoons!

 When we got engaged Peyton decided he wanted to be the navigator and planner of our honeymoon. And since I was knee deep in plans, I excitedly accepted the offer. He also wanted it to be a surprise. 

For 3 months he would give me clues (You will need a passport. We are leaving the day after the wedding... and some other geographical clue that mentioned degrees of the equator, which, lets be honest, didn't help me out at all). 

Finally, when he was here for his last visit, he decided he would tell me where we were going...No actually, he would give me clues as to where we were going, and let me try to figure it out for an hour...For the record, I finally did. 

The clue he gave me was- 
Bermuda - Hawaii - Miami 
Philippines - Puerto Rico is to...where we are going. 

Ummmm yeah. Could you see why I was confused? (Peyton is an engineer. Peyton is an engineer. Peyton is an engineer. Repeat). Luckily, it was a good hour of giggles, mostly at how geographically challenged I am. I think Peyton enjoyed the amount of suspense and exhilaration that this provided. 

But I finally figured it out...
Here are two videos of the unveiling. 

Please excuse my annoying high pitched screams. 

And to top it off, we are spending our first week in FIJI before heading off to New Zealand. Its like two vacations in one! 

Here are some images I've googled on a daily basis of both---
Savusavu Fiji- Week 1


Rotorua, New Zealand- Week 2

Queenstown, New Zealand Week 2-

Needless to say, Peyton will be in charge of our travel plans for the rest of our lives. I could not be more excited about our honeymoon and I know it will be the perfect start of our marriage! 


  1. HAHA those videos are so great! You are like a smitten little girl! So funny. :) I'm so jealous! hahaha HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!

  2. lol - i love the "What do you even do there..." and his response. HAHA. So exciting!!! Honeymoons are the freaking BEST!!! I want another honeymoon!!!!

  3. That's a fantastic way to start your marriage! I look forward to pretty pictures :)

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