Saturday, May 14, 2011

JBB proposes to MEW !!!

Melanie Warner. My best friend. Is engaged. It started off like any other Friday...until I got this little gem.

At this point I peed my pants, screamed and then started planning our ninja attack.

So much planning...I was so afraid I was going to miss it. Cody and i were at the temple an hour early just to make sure. I made him go practice our spotting and aim.

(By the way...we were literally hiding in bushes. I am still seriously surprised that Temple security didn't come out to see about our paparazzi shenanigans.)

All of a sudden, Cody looks at me and whispers "THEY ARE HERE! THIS IS IT!" We crouch behind our post and I start shooting away. I could tell she didn't know why they were there, but I knew Jacob looked nervous.

They talked for about 3 minutes...and then things got magical.

Through tears and goosebumps I don't know how I managed to get about 40 photos of this, but God is good!

They kissed, smiled, kissed, smiled, giggled, kissed, hugged...and then JB spilled the beans that Cody and I were there. Somewhere...(seriously our hiding spot was legit.)

I have never seen Melanie that happy before. Her smile radiated off of her face. Looking at them deciding to make a huge commitment to each other for eternity, was pure happiness. I can't think of two people who deserve each other more. I know they will have an everlasting and successful marriage, filled with a deeper appreciation, more kissing and eventually cute babies.

And just like that...Jamel begins their journey. Im passing the baton to you, Mr. Barlow. Make her the happiest woman on the planet. Your already off to an amazing start!


  1. Yes!! What a glorious post! And I knew asking you so early in your training to exercise your stealth abilities would pay off.

  2. That is so fun to get to be a part of!!!!! AWESOME! I got proposed to at the temple too... hehe... but it was night and that would've been so cool if there were pictures of it! :) Fun for you... and so exciting for her!

  3. i am in love with this post and mr. barlows text messages and your ninja skills. seriously! amazing.

  4. This post and the whole proposal is just amazing :) Made me get teary eyed reading it! Cat ur so cool! Love all you guys and miss yous! when's the big day?

  5. hhahhhaha! favorite: " her face was radiating off of her face." thanks for your side of the story! =D delightful! i love Jake!

  6. well, if that wasn't just a day maker! I am glowing! thank you, you wonderful best friend!!!

  7. Wow, one of the best posts. I got chills they're multiplying.