Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winking with scruff

I am a simple person to please. Give me a Laker game with a Diet Coke and ill be a happy girl. Although I do have tendencies to be attracted to a certain type of boy. And I am finally ready to admit my guilty pleasure. I am a sucker for scruff.

You may use these 2 for references...

I enjoy a little facial hair. I am completely attracted to the rugged outdoorsy look. (Im also very convinced I will marry a farmer, but thats for another post). Scruff. The one that says "I haven't shaved in 3 days and this is what happened". I swoon at this process. Now lets not get carried away, if it starts to turn into a beard or you look like Santa Claus or a disheveled Joaquin Phoenix, all attraction is thrown out the window. But that 5 day scruffy look is pure eye candy for me. And id like a treat.

Which brings me to my next delight. Winking. You really need to play this one right. Catching my eye at a distance and throwing that my way. I will melt. Completely. Seriously. Grab a mop.
Not too fast where I miss it, but not too slow where its obvious. It is coy and delicious and very attractive. Jacob Barlow has one of the best ive ever seen...(too bad he is my best friends boyfriend).

So there you have it. Scruff and winks. Done deal. Bring it.


  1. hahahaha I too.... am a sucker for scruff. My husband has it... and will forever have it. I see pics of him from his mission and I say... NO THANK YOU.. you keep that scruff. :)

  2. jacob barlow's wink does make you melt.
    and his face on day 2. best.

  3. I was in love with the same boy for a very long time and I'm pretty sure it was because he would wink at me haha