Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pin the interest. Pinterest.

I know, I mention this site too much. Probably to the point where they should imburse me for my shout outs. Or at least give me some kind of stock in the company, but whatever. I just think its an incredible, amazing, happy way to waste some free time! I mean there are no limits to what you pin. For those old people, (Okay sorry, not old, MATURE)  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you "pin" beautiful and inspiring things that you find on the web. Let me give you some examples of my favorite things on pinterest. 

Recipes of yummy looking things that I will someday make for my cute Husband. 
(Or maybe just show him my inspiration on what our meal was SUPPOSED to look like.) 

Really cute babies. (And, apparently really cute Dads, too!)
 I have no idea who they belong to. 
But look how cute they are!
 Pinching those virtual cheekies! 

Places that I hope to visit someday.
 Bora Bora? Tahiti? Fiji? Yes yes yes!
 I can honestly hear Peytons wallet crying right now. 

Outfits that I can simply invision in my closet but will probably never have the money to afford.

Really inspiring gospel essential pictures and quotes. 
And let me take this second to explain that there are a ton of Mormon chicks on this site. 
Seriously, its a online Relief Society !

HELLO! Im planning a freaking wedding. 
Help me out, pins! Done&Done.

Pretty sparkly things that I want in my jewlery box. 

Endless visuals that make me giggle and send to Melanie. 

Crafts that I probably will never have the motivation to produce. 
Its the thought that counts! 
OHH! You can do WHAT with old soup cans? wow. 

And simply just photography that I enjoy looking at that makes me happy. 

So if you haven't already signed up, you probably should. And remember to follow me! Because I got the best pins. And in some weird way, that makes me extremely proud. 

Pinterest associates, you may send a check my way, or cash, whatever, im pretty easy going. 

Side note and warning: Signing up for Pinterest, you may in NO way blame Catherine for any time spent wasted, or loss of reality. Thank you. 


  1. HAHAH I actually do love looking and you and Colleen's pages. Especially for beauty tips... cause you girls are beautified... I need help. HAHA I only pin stuff that I really really really love and want to do. I should be more pin happy!

  2. i love when we send each other pins. it is the best. and seriously that last quote is spot on!