Sunday, March 11, 2012

We are engaged. Lets take pictures!

My BFF Melanie Barlow, took our engagement pictures while she was down in California for my endowment. Seriously, how great of a friend is she?! She came for vacation and I put her straight to work. Seriously, how bad of a friend am I?! 

We went to the Los Angeles Arboretum to take them. Which is so close to my house it could practically be my backyard. It was a gloomy day so we were a bit nervous but the landscaping in that place is amazing and ended up being the perfect backdrop for our pictures. 

We changed in the bushes, (sorry little boy that got an eyeful) and then the sun suddenly came out! This is when she captured these gems. I love them. The lighting was perfect.

We came armed and ready with a blanket knowing we wanted to take some sitting down and I ended up loving the pops of red! 

 They look so great, she did an amazing job and im so thankful that I have such a giving, creative, talented and generous BFF. 
Thank you M.E.B. You = the best boo. 

Thank you also, P.B.B. for being so incredibly handsome and a great photo model partner. 

To see some more of Melanies photography, or just to stalk her daily, here is her blog--- 
She appreciates comments and donations. 

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  1. those look SO GOOD!!! i love the 2nd to last one on the blanket and the one with the sun and peyton is lifting you up..cute!!! that place is so beautiful!