Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wedding photography at its best!

I am one lucky chick to have such creative & inpsiring friends. When I got engaged I knew that I wanted someone really special to take my engagement/wedding photos. Good thing I know some really amazing people! 

First up- Mrs. Melanie Barlow. (Former Warner) You probably have heard of her. Simply for the fact that I have mentioned her in close to 20+ of my blog posts. She is my other half and oh HEY she got her Bachelors in photography/fine arts from UVU. I am so excited that in Februrary she will be taking my engagement pictures. Heres a little sneak peak of some cute people she has photographed. 

To see more from this talented lady- check her blog -- 

Second up- Mr. Marcello Ambriz. Marcello is so full of talent and creativity he practically bleeds genius. He does a ton of concert and band photography, but has taken BEAUTIFUL pictures from weddings. I am so excited to have him on board to take my wedding pictures. And I feel pretty fortunate to say that my wedding photographer has snapped pictures for 311, Sublime & Red Hot Chili Peppers. Yes. That is golden right there. (Fun fact: Marcello took Melanies wedding pictures.) Here is some of his fancy work of special days! 

To see more of Marcellos talent check out his photography blog-- 

YES to love. 
YES to marriage.
 YES to capturing the moment.
 YES to these two gifted individuals. Happy images to come! 


  1. you are too sweet miss catherine! almost mrs buhler!

  2. Catherine! I found your blog through Marina's blog and I am loving it! I know Andy and I only met you briefly at Peyton's going away since we were gone from the singles ward when you showed up, but I love following your blog and finding out all about you and Peyton and all the wedding stress. Totally relate ... wedding planning SUCKS! BUt you've got the right attitude, getting married is the best part!!! We are sooo stoked for you an Peyton, you guys are ADORABLE!!!! HOpe you don't mind that I will be stalking along with your happy family (and ps... I also graduated from AHS and grew up in Arcadia but I'm a lot older than you hahaha).