Saturday, February 18, 2012

All dressed in white

Recently I got endowed at the Los Angeles Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Peyton was coming for our last visit before he moves home and it was the perfect opportunity to go through the temple. I prepared myself by taking temple prep classes (taught by my sweet Liz Dunn) and reading "The Holy Temple" by Boyd K. Packer, as well as meeting with my dear Bishop and Stake President. 

That whole week I was anxious, excited, elated, and I admit, a tad nervous. My lovely BFF Melanie Barlow flew in from Utah to attend the session, (as well as go to Disneyland and get some sushi). Peytons family came in from Hanford and Valencia to also provide support on my big day. It was such a gorgeous California day! 

 The temple was beautiful. There is no other word to describe the peaceful feeling you get when you walk through those doors. Walking up those steps I felt proud, happy, and at ease. I was in the Lords house. And I was ready to receive the blessings. 

Boyd K. Packer states- "If we will accept the revelation concerning temple ordinance work, if we will enter into our covenants without reservation or apology, the Lord will protect us. We will receive inspiration sufficient for the challenges of life. In the covenants and ordinances center the blessings that you may claim in the holy temple, Surely the Lord is pleased when we are worthy of the title: A keeper of the covenants." 

And I did just that. I know the Lord is happy with my decision and is proud of where I am in my life. I know  the future will bring forth many challenges, but I know that I am also  able to recieve many blessings because of my dedication to the gospel. 

Being at the temple with my family, friends and fiance, supporting me and congratulating me on this big step was everything I could have imagined. 

I am so incredibly grateful for these sweet friends who were able to be there with me. Thank you, best friends for your support and love at this special time! I love you three. 

Thank you, future Husband
 for your example, influence and testimony. 
I can't wait to join you in the temple on May 19th, 
and many years to come! 

I am also so appreciative for these two cuties. Since I was very little they have always stressed the importance of a temple recommend/marriage. I am so glad they were able to see me recieve these special blessings. I admire their testimonies on a daily basis and I know my own testimony wouldn't be the same without the influence of theirs. 

To find out what blessings you can recieve by going to the temple, check out the official Church website 


  1. Beautiful post :) I love going to the temple!

  2. awesome!!! i'm so glad you had a good experience and made the important decision to go. the temple is indeed beautiful. we used to go often and especially before the wedding, there were times when it just seemed inconvenient, or overkill, and yet everytime, i'd get there (against the wishes of the adversary) and it would transform my attitude, and helped me get through the next rough patch getting to the wedding. yay for the temple!!!