Monday, January 2, 2012

A Mr. Buhler original creation

Peyton is a mechanical engineer. In a short description, this means his mind is constantly operating at a fast pace on how he can work, repair and build things. You give the man a pencil and he can show you 27 different things you can do with it. Im glad his brain works this way, you give ME a pencil and I will casually ask  you where the nearest pen is located. 

This Christmas I opened a special gift from Mr. Creative only to be delighted with a homemade 3D popup book of our recent trip to Thailand. I wanted to cry with happiness looking at it. Part of my tears branched from the fact that my future life with this man will never be boring. 

This was one of my favorite presents I have ever been given. He is constantly amazing me with his intellect and imaginative ways. Mickey Mouse is very lucky to have him on his team as part of the thought process at Disneyland. I can only imagine what he would do with those pencils...

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