Monday, January 2, 2012

Wedding for dummies

I get married in 4 1/2 months. The countdown is on! The holidays were a nice excuse in order to put my wedding planning aside. But Christmas came and went, and the wedding is getting closer. 

Do I have a venue? Yes.
Do I have a groom? Yes.
Do I have a dress? Yes. 
Do I have a date? Yes. 
Do I have a sane mind? No. 

You really don't know how much planning there is involved with a wedding, until a ring gets put on your finger. (A pretty ring at that... One I can't stop looking at, actually). Here look at it for a second.

See what I mean? Its a definite distraction. 

Wedding planning has been at the top of my thoughts for a good 2 months. What do you mean people can't eat with their fingers? We actually have to order silverware in bulk? Who is Mrs. Blackmore? And why is she occupying a rented chair for $1.50 and eating my carefully crafted cake? Oh...she babysat me for the first 4 years of my life? Okay...I guess she can partake. 
Where do you order invitations from? Isn't there a National Wedding Society where they send you an advocate so you don't drive your fiance insane with all the preperations? Not to mention the fact that your hormones are flying through your body while getting used to the birth control you have started taking. 

I was looking through a wedding blog in where lovely couples flew with their immediate family to a dream like destination and exchanged vows completely stress free while wearing a white sundress she just casually picked up from Marshalls. 
Although we'd have to make the exception of a Temple, this idea sparked curisosity. You mean they didn't lose sleep over a guest list? They didn't have to rush around looking for last minute taupe colored ribbon? They got to frolic in the sand and dance by the moonlight? Where do I sign up and how soon can I head to Marshalls to get that dress? 

In all seriousness, although eloping is extremely tempting I would never. I love the thought of all my friends & family standing outside a temple waiting for me to walk out with my beloved to partake in the joy of my "newly -taken for eternity- status." I can't wait to throw that bouquet to the next lucky girl who can soon start planning her nuptuals. (Cause that's how it works, right?) I can't wait to hand feed Peyton a delicious piece of cake and spend too much time deciding on the perfect way to wear my hair. I can't wait to be dancing to our first song with everyone partaking in my happiness.

And I know when I drive away from the reception, towards my honeymoon and future of happy times as a Mrs., I know without a doubt that all the sleepless nights and anxiety attacks over my bouquet will be worth it. Being in Peytons arms knowing that ill get to do that for an eternity will make me one elated chick. So lets rephrase this... 

Am I all ready for my wedding? No. 
Do I have all of my ideas? No. 
Do I know what my reception will look like? No.
Am I grateful I have the opportunity to be a bride and partake in a day of joy and love? YES! YES! & YES! 

May 19th, 2012. BRING IT ON! Im ready for you!!!


  1. Beautiful ring :) and yes it will be worth it.

  2. Oh, I know how tempting eloping sounds. I still think about it once a day....then I realize that its a crazy idea and would ultimately be so disappointed not having everyone I love there to share in the magic. Where are you having your reception? If you need ANY help with ANYTHING dont hesitate to ask!!! Its nice to just exchange ideas with other brides sometimes too!! :)

  3. I had an awesome awesome reception.... but if I could go back, I WOULD just do the temple thing with a nice luncheon after for close family and friends and be done. The girts/dancing/food/party afterward... really weren't all that great. hahahaha But your wedding will probably be fantastic and I really want to come!!!! hahah

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