Tuesday, May 10, 2011

G7 anniversary

I have officially been in the G7 singles ward for a year. It feels like it flew by fast, and as if I have always been there. The G7 ward is not like your typical BYU singles ward where your whole relief society presidency lives next door. These people are from all around the area. Hollywood to Duarte. We are there. And it is truly amazing. Skip down memory lane with me for a second.

We celebrated holidays with BBQs

We went on a character Waldo search.

I waxed noses. Oh, so many noses.

We screamed our lungs out on a hayride.

and we dressed up....a lot...

seriously...why do we dress up so much?

we danced lots of nights away.

we celebrated happy days of birth.

we cheered on our girls football team.

we got our bowling game on.

we sang karaoke...some of us better than others.

we threw eggs off parking structures

we visited the happiest place.

said goodbye to some special friends...

we acted completely stupid

and accomplished the impossible.

I'd say its been a swell year, indeed. Thanks Glendale 7th.
This year you've made me smile.