Saturday, April 9, 2011

Talented Mr. Ambriz

Let me introduce you to Marcello. He is my good friend who I also attend the g7 singles ward with. Marcello takes pictures.

The only time I see him without a camera is at church, but he still has his iphone! I really love all the shots he posts on his website. He never seizes to amaze me with his creativity and talent. He specializes in photographing bands and concerts, but he takes pictures of everything, weddings, children, landscapes, the man has no limits! Here are some of my favorites.

And if that talent isn't enough, he also made a music video for the very amazing band Eyes Lips Eyes. (Also in my singles ward).

You can check out their band HERE . You will not be disappointed. Even my Dads a big fan!

You can check out Marcello's photography HERE. His photos will rock your world. Keep it up, Marcello! You are amazing.

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