Thursday, April 7, 2011

sushi sushi sushi

I was turning 22 and I had never tried sushi. Ill pause, while you judge me. Are you done? Good.

So on my Birthday last year, my BFF Melanie, took me to her favorite raw fish spot.

My first experience wasn't so successful.

As you can see, I needed some practice with chopsticks. Rookie mistake.

After my first introduction, I have regretted wasting 22 years of my life for never having this special dish in my life. My favorites include the philly deep roll, the dragon roll and the cali roll with shrimp tempura.

It doesn't look like much. But I promise, it will change your life.

Since October it has been our favorite place to go eat. I have probably eaten there once a week. I see mercury poisoning in my future. They also have the best birthday celebration , and you know how much we love humiliating our friends!

Some of our most fond memories include being here. Like the time with the orange...Remember Cexilly and Raptor?

Our only friend that didn't approve of our sushi loving is our dearest, Liz Dunn. But that is probably due to the fact that she dissected the rolls and cut the fish with her chopsticks. Yes, you read that right. ohhhh, Liz dunn...

So there you have it. Ichima Sushi in Pasadena, California. And they aren't even paying me for this shout out! But maybe they should. Hey, guys! Xie Xie!!! Cat = biggest fan.


  1. I tried sushi for the first time right before i turned 23 too! so don't worry, I didn't judge you :)