Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sluggy slugs

Here is Noah- (3 years old)

(Look at that little smile! What a cutie.)

Noah and I were playing outside in the backyard the other day when we saw a snail. I explained to Noah that I ate a few of those on the cruise that I just went on, and that they were called escargot.

Fast forward a week later and the little boys were outside playing. I went out to push them on the swings and asked what they were doing.

Noahs reply- "Me and Campbell are eating ESCOCO!

Big OOOPS. Nanny fail. Next time I will be sure to explain these things in detail...with pictures. God bless him! Luckily, they had only eaten 1 each. Noah also told me that they would have tasted better with some salt. What a trooper!