Thursday, February 10, 2011

Farewell Wingman

Jonathan Wing.
One of my loveliest, most caring, and silliest friend.

This boy is leaving me. For a future in food television. He will be famous one day. And I will be able to say that I have baked bread with him. No big deal. Ive only known him for about 6 months but I really do think we were friends in the pre-existence.

In these 6 months we have,
- Waxed numerous noses
- danced. danced. danced.
- dressed up. dressed down. Gone out.
- enjoyed one too many costco pizzas
- made cuppycakes, cream puffs, french bread, & baked french toast. We are piggies.
- Received delightful ghetto massages
- Played silly games, including our favorite; celebrity telephone.
- Sang Karaoke on the 210 freeway more times than I wish to refer to.
- Sang real Karaoke with Chinese people
- Divulged in Sushi & Thai food
- Practiced our bowling skills
- Made up our own language, (RT, BS, Cajoco, obvi totes)
- browsed the racks at thrift stores and smelled like old lady and febreeze at numerous events.
- laughed. laughed. laughed.

Im really dreading the goodbyes were going to have to exchange soon. Jon has taught me lessons in charity, love, compassion and truth. He knows who he is and stands up for himself and those around him. He has a sweet testimony of the spirit and gospel, and is always leading by Christ's example.

I will never forget the short sweet months I have spent with this special person. I am so excited to see what his future has in store for him.

The food world is ready for him. Move over Emeril, Jons in the house! BAM.

Miss you already, friend. Come visit LA soon.


  1. DONT GO!!!
    at least we know have a claim to fame!
    we are gonna rock it for his last couple days.