Friday, January 28, 2011

Eternal bliss

Bill & Mary Jane
Married & Sealed for eternity
May 3, 1975

Best decision EVER.

Every day I am reminded of what true love and happiness is. They love each other more NOW than that special day at the LA temple. (And how is that even possible?! Look at that flower crown and that afro!)

They are there for each other. And after ALL these years (35!) They STILL laugh at each others jokes. I don't think they are that funny...but they admire each others humor.
My mom has supported my Dad through his countless band gigs, his teaching and principal responsibilities, and his dreams of being a vintage car owner. My Dad has supported my mom in her college education, her teaching responsibilities, and her shopping addiction. If thats not love, I don't think there is such a thing.

They know what makes each other tick, and what makes each other explode. Although I think the happiest day they ever had was when I was born, im pretty sure their wedding day was right up there.

Their affection and appreciation towards one another is remarkable. How one cannot get annoyed by another person after 35 years is beyond me! (Just kidding future husband, im sure your delightful).

I look at their connection and it makes me remember what im looking for in an eternal partnership. An undying devotion and tender infatuation is completely sublime. Don't get me wrong...they do fight and they have their quarrels. (Mom, im looking at you) But they always come out of it with a positive perspective and total respect for the other.

As I go on to my quest for a husband, I always go back to what my parents have, and what I want in my future family. Although I hope my husband doesn't shop as much as my mom, and doesn't have my fathers ADD, I know I will be happy with the companionship I choose to hold. And its because of my parents that I have this peaceful vision and dedication to happiness.

(And contrary to popular belief, I am NOT posting this so I eventually inherit my Mom's ring...but SERIOUSLY. How good does it look on me?!)


  1. wow, that first picture is pretty much my fave.

  2. Awwe - I hope we will be like that after 35 years of marriage.

  3. i love papa and mama card. truly a delightful couple.
    and duh. i know you are posting up that ring for inheriting rights!

  4. I'm not gonna lie. Brother and Sister Card = two of my favorite people in the good ol' Arcadia Stake. I was helpng with Youth Conference one year and so had dinner every week with them for a good two months or so. Funny time in my life. Love your blog Catharinecard...

  5. You got a drink to go with that ICE?

  6. Your parents are pretty awesome :)