Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mama Jojo

Johanna Stacey was my best friend in high school. We met at girls camp our freshmen year and were pretty much attached from then on. Every weekend we had a sleepover and every weekday morning began with us gossiping at seminary. Did I say gossiping? I meant learning the good teachings of the Lord.

Junior Prom

Senior prom
High school Graduation

girls camp

After High School we grew apart but the love still remains. I will never forget her falling asleep every movie night, sneaking out of our houses at night, joy riding without our licenses, staying up all night, sleeping in every Saturday, Water polo games, Stake dances, friends and boys.

Eventually Jojo got married .

She graduated BYU

And in August 2010 we had a mini reunion.

And thats when she told me she was pregnant.

On January 25th, 2011 Kynlee Mae was born. Happy, healthy and BEAUTIFUL.

I will always be grateful for the friendship I have with Jojo. Im sure she will be the perfect example of the Mother I want to be someday. Love you, Girlfriend.
Heres to babies and new beginnings!


  1. #1. i LOVE jojo
    #2. HOW does your hair look SO good at freakin girls camp?
    #3. babies. babies. babies.

  2. "how does your hair look so good at girl's camp" hahahahah GOOD QUESTION!

  3. I love you back times a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!