Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No dares. All truth.

Probably 25 things you didn't know about me. And probably 25 things you didn't care to, either)

1. I had a ferret. It was illegal.

2. I used to drive a 66' mustang in high school. I totaled it.

3. One of my favorite movies is The Grinch.

4. I can't watch people give blood or get shots. I faint.

5. My all time favorite album is John Mayers, "Continuum".

6. I don't ever tell people my middle name.

7. Im addicted to my iphone.

8. Ive been proposed to...I had only gone on 4 dates with him. Thanks, Utah.

9. I hate talking on the phone.

10. I love Yogurtland.

11. I just tried sushi for the first time this year.

12. People always think im wearing colored contacts. Hello, who does that?

13. My favorite author is Jodi Picoult.

14. I hated the Twilight books. Horribly written and terrible characters. Gross.

15. I could wear my rainbows all year round and be OK with it.

16. i get everything I own from H&M, Forever21, Target and Marshalls.

17. Disneyland really IS the happiest place on earth.

18. I admit to being obsessed with wedding blogs.

19. I love a good love story.

20. I cannot stand anything Tyra Banks.

21. I played the baritone for 5 years. You read that right.

22. I can't go a day without drinking Diet Coke. And I used to hate it.

23. Two of my dogs got eaten by a coyotes. Not at the same time.

24. I have met Bill Clinton, Katie Couric, and the Fonze. And yes, I think that makes me cool.

1 comment:

  1. i had a ferret TOO!
    you are welcome for the DC addiction.
    they were WOLFS?!

    i love you.