Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Enduring the trials

Dilemmas, drawbacks, complications, obstacles, difficult sitsuations...i DESPISE them. They leave nothing but a bad taste in my mouth. And I wasn't even hungry in the first place!

I need to get up in the morning, but I really just want to sit in my bed and listen to Coldplay all day. Not an option, by the way. Noah needs a haircut and Campbell has a dentist appointment.

My week didn't kick off great. I woke up Monday morning with the dreaded flu from my sweet children. (Thanks guys). As my week continued, the days turned worse and eventually spun out of control. My emotions taking over and my thoughts racing. (Did i mention its only Tuesday?)

My beautiful friend Emily Ainian helped me out today by giving me this talk. one quote being- We must always attempt to correct the problem and overcome the trial, but instead of asking “Why me?” or “What did I do to deserve this?” maybe the question should be “What am I to do? What can I learn from this experience? What am I to change?” After pursing my lips and thinking about giving Elder James B. Martino a piece of my mind.. I decided to take his advice. What CAN I do?

ONE thing is be grateful. I am healthy, young, and privileged. I live in a beautiful house with an incredible family and have beautiful souls I call friends. What more can I ask for? Your sorrow will only make you strong. ENDURE TO THE END.

As i send this post into cyber space, I hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the booty. I wont promise ALL peachy days. Just a few. More smiles than tears. More laughing than crying. And more good experiences to get me thru the trials in life.

Excuse me, while I go tackle the world. But first I need to catch an episode of GLEE before I fall asleep with a open heart and happy future calling my name.


  1. you dont understand how inspiring you are.
    the bitter makes the sweet taste that much better.
    YOU are BEAUTIFUL. truly inside and out. not very many people can say that.
    i love you.

  2. I was going to say something wonderful, but Mel said it better than I ever could so I'm going to go ahead a ditto her because I can. I love you, dear, sweet girl:)

  3. Cat, first of all, I love the way you write. You're so eloquent and articulate. It makes reading your blog so enjoyable :). Second of all, Mel is right... not many people can boast inward and outward beauty. You can though. I love you, and am keeping you in my prayers.

  4. YOU are wonderful. Thank you so much for this post. I'm so sorry for all the craziness you're going through - "after the trials come the blessings."