Sunday, November 28, 2010

My heart is full of gratitude

I love Thanksgiving. I adore Thanksgiving.
I am thankful for... Thanksgiving.

Its a time for spending with Family, eating ridiculous amounts of food, and feeling OKAY about taking a nap at 5pm. ( Tryptophan really does exist).

While we all know i am thankful for food, I am also thankful for a few other things.

Here is the list, (in no particular order)

1. My family. Their protection, their humor, their tender genuine love is exhilarating and appreciated.

2. The gospel. My testimony not only defines me but also nourishes the love I have for my Heavenly Father and is something that I will be forever thankful for.

3. My friends. These kids get me through the not-so-perfect days while keeping a smile on my face.

4. My MelCat. There are no words to express the dedication she willingly grants our friendship with.

5. LDS Temples. For supplying all over the world, eternal families and everlasting covenants.

6. Diet Coke. No explanation needed.

7. My iphone. This little piece of machinery can provide me with endless games of bejeweled , give me the Laker score, and tell me where the nearest yogurtland is. And THAT deserves recognition.

8. My childhood. I have such great memories of talent shows, Girl scouts, family vacations and genuinely innocent happiness. Gracias, Mom and Dad.

9. The Beatles. They turn my frowns upside down. And are always a refreshingly familiar beat.

10. The power of laundry detergent. I wouldn't be a successful nanny if I didn't include this one. Who knew 3 year olds could be fully joyful while immersing themselves in dirt?

11. H&M, Target, and Marshalls for providing me with somewhat stylish clothing so that I am not naked. My friends are thankful for this as well.

12. Literature. Because there is nothing better than loosing yourself in someone else's storybook than conquering your own problems.

13. Facebook. How else would I know that you ate a ham sandwich for lunch or just gave your dog a bath? These things are important!

14. My Lakers. Because nothing gives me more joy than watching my boys Kobe, Gasol, Odom & Fisher dominate.

15. The gift of vehicles. Because I would really hate walking 22 miles everyday to my job. (But how amazing would my figure be?!)

What are you grateful for ?

1 comment:

  1. so many thankful things.

    i especially love #4, #6 & #13 but those are givens right?!

    i actually really love it all.