Friday, October 8, 2010


There are no words to describe the experience I had this last weekend with this temple. (Draper, Utah) I am so thankful for the promise of living with our families for eternity.

Im so excited to one day be invited in to be sealed to my eternal companion. (Don't worry, im not rushin)


    i love the story.
    and teaching the kidos with you.
    you = amazing.

  2. That is a beautiful picture of the Draper temple! I love going to the temple more than words can describe. It is wonderful. The best place to be on earth.

  3. Did you do baptisms? Or do you have your endowments?? I LOVE working in the temple every day. It is such a huge blessing. Next time you're up here you should come to the Oquirrh mountain temple and do baptisms :) :)

  4. Guess what? The jones fam is going to the T tonight. Were now going to the Draper. Thanks for the inspiration CatC.

  5. No im not endowed, and I didnt even go INTO the temple on this particular day, just had inspiration and comfort, and guidance by being there. Its amazing what the temples will do for your life.

  6. I have had LOTS of those. :) My favorite temple is Manti, not because I was sealed there. I chose to get sealed there because I had so many awesome experiences. I would go sit on the bench or the lawn all the time when I was at college. LOVE temples, all of them. I was just reading the new Temples Ensign and there was actually a talk that said you can feel the spirit just by touching the outside walls. :)