Monday, October 11, 2010

The gift of life - 10.10.88

22 Years ago today my mother pushed me out. Actually she didnt, I was welcomed via C-section...but the point being, that I was welcomed into the world.

Catherine N. Card
Born October 10th, 1988 5:55PM
6lbs. 11 oz. 19 1/2 inches

My parents tried having kids for 11 years, and they finally got pregnant with my sister. (Colleen STILL swears she was a miracle child.) About 1 1/2 years later they found out they were pregnant with their REAL favorite, yours truly. (Just kidding Colleen, don't get worked up)

I think my Dads face is the sheer realization that Colleen was behind that door waiting to claw my eyes out. Or smother me with kisses? Either one, she wanted me dead.

My mom was hardcore into Birthdays. And we did not complain. My children better not expect much. Maybe grandma can come make their day special. We know she is capable.

good ole, Chuckie

Life can't get much better than this.
I still feel that way while eating cake.

(side note: thank you, braces)

Because honestly, what are sisters for?
I hope she wished for something in my name, at LEAST.

As i reflect back on all my Birthdays and LIFE in general, Its a bittersweet emotion that I am 22 years old. It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating my coveted 8 year old baptism Birthday. And back then I remember thinking life couldn't get any better.
Little did I know, I would meet such amazing people and get to learn so much about life. A happy and grateful individual for all the humble and gracious spirits I have had the pleasure of spending time with. This Birthday isnt a celebration of Catherine's life. This is a celebration to all of YOU. Who have made me into the person i am today.

Thanks Mom & Dad, for giving me the gift of life. Its been a FANTASTIC 22 year old experience. Heres to another 22 years of fabulous fun.


  1. i like that you still did NOT reveal your middle name.
    you are beautiful. as is your WHOLE name.
    and your parents ARE amazing.
    I LOVE YOU. seriously.

  2. I didn't know you're a 10 10 baby! Maybe I'll remember now. Happy birthday a day late. All those pictures make me miss you guys!

  3. Happy late b-day. I am sorry I missed. It was so good seeing you at the Trunk or Treat. I miss ya girl.