Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I miss my DAB

Julie is my BFF.

We went to high school together, worked at Outback steakhouse together, moved to Utah together, (shes still there...dont get me started) we shared a room for about 6 months, and an apartment for 2 years, and after about 8 years of friendship we even still like eachother. Okay LOVE.

Every now and then we text each other about the good times and the past. After I laugh uncontrollably from a memory she brings up, I feel sadness she is so far away. When we get together its like a day hasnt passed since the last time we saw one another.

Sometimes (okay...MOST of the time) I am completely convinced she knows me better than I know myself. Friends have come, boys have passed thru, and lots of food has been consumed, but all of those memories were nothing less than amazing. There isnt an adequate word to classify Julie under, so we'll just call her a DAB. (If you don't know what that means, stop trying, you won't guess).

Heres to you, young grasshopper. Me miss you long time.


  1. i love this.
    i love friends.
    i love you.
    i love julie calderon as well.

  2. LOL!! uhh REALLY of all the millions of pictures u could have chosen of us, u picked the ones of when we decided 2 make a ghetto grill?? bahahahahaha!! ahh i love it... and I LOVE U BOO!!! lol D.A.B.s 4 LIFE!!! i guess its just further proof that our inner thug-ness was too strong to contain in the preppy suburb of our upbringing..... LOVE AND MISS U!! ILL COME BACK TO LA SOOOON

  3. I have a friend like that. I hate to tell you but the distance never gets easier... because then you get married and have kids and you NEVER see each other even when you live close. haha BUT... texting is the BEST thing ever. HAHA

    And .... I wasn't kidding about coming to stay with you guys and going to Disneyland. I really want to take Brenika this year while she's in the FREE range hehe.

  4. HAHAHAHAH! i know what DAB means! i miss being made fun of by the DABS!