Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grandpa Ken

Grandpa Ken was my Dads father. For a long time he was my only grandparent, so I relied on him a lot. He lived in Monrovia so we were constantly over there playing in his huge backyard and probably driving him insane. He was big on hand holding, lots of kisses, and telling his infamous stories.

can we pause for a second and talk about how FREAKIN CUTE my Dad was? Look at that little face!

He enjoyed clacking his dentures, humming hymns and telling everyone about the women in his life.

He passed away my Junior year of high school. (A month after this picture was taken) I still can remember that morning that we found he wasn't breathing. While we anticipated this day for awhile, it still hit me so hard. My whole earth was rocked. That was my first real dose with death. And it wasn't an easy pill to swallow. The only thing that got me through that time was believing in the plan of salvation, and knowing I would see him again.

Im sad that my future husband will never get the chance to meet him, but he was such a great man, im sure his legacy will live on forever. He is such a big part of my past, and a huge explanation of my existence today. The world misses Grandpa Ken. But I know he is having a blast flirting with all the women in heaven.


  1. Great post Catherine. :) I remember seeing your grandpa at church every sunday in his later years. Although I didn't know him well, he seemed like a very sweet man.

  2. My Grandma Lamb died when I was a junior in high school as well. I still miss her all the time, and I hate that my husband and Brenika don't know her. I am SO THANKFUL for this gospel!!!