Monday, August 13, 2012

5 months hiatus OVER

Do married people just abandon their ramblings and get new lives? I am so sorry I have deserted the blogosphere. If you missed me, I apologize.

Heres to new beginnings. And oh HEY, heres my first blog post as a MRS....Not that it'll be much different.

Let me update you on my new life. 
Nothing has changed much, besides getting a new last name, a new roommate, moving 20 minutes away, attending a new church, (Ward) sharing a bed and bathroom with a boy, and discovering my new role as a wife and significant other. That's not too much change for one person, right? Nah.

I married Peyton B. Buhler on May 19th, 2012. It was a lovely day and standing next to my new hubs I had a perma smile. See?

It was great. We loved our wedding. The whole day was smooth and carefree. Besides me falling down the stairs at the reception and the awkward first dance...
(Seriously, no one tells you that having 250 people watch you twirl around a dance floor is going to be that nerve wracking. Seriously. Why don't they tell you that?)

But hopefully we fooled you, and by the pictures it looks like were having a great time. In reality, I was whispering to Peyton something like, "If you step on my dress, I swear, I will make sure this is the last smile you ever produce." 

Such a happy day!!!

The day after our wedding we headed to the luxurious island of Fiji. We spent a week in paradise and I never wanted to leave. We laid on the beach, climbed up to waterfall, and had some...great food! ;)

After we left Fiji, kicking and screaming, we arrived at our next destination Rotorua, New Zealand.

We got to tour some thermal activity, soak in some natural springs, and see some local tourist destinations. New Zealand is very different than Fiji. (Duh) The weather alone was a shock. I was freezing the whole time we were in New Zealand. I think I developed a permanent icicle running down my nose. So sexy. 

Our next destination was Queenstown New Zealand. This place is legit, referred to as the "Adventure capital of the World". There was a lot of buggy jumping, mountain biking and paragliding going on. For everyone but the Buhlers... 
We aren't really a couple that takes huge life risks, but we DID try our hand at Luging. I felt very content with that level of extreme. The scariest part of luging was seeing myself in that awful helmet. It was not cute.

Shortly after we were home we had the opportunity to attend Peytons family reunion in Nauvoo. It was so neat to see all the church history sites and to do a session in the Nauvoo temple. It is really beautiful. I loved spending time with my new nieces and nephews as well.

Since then we have loved adjusting to married life. Which included unpacking and setting up our little home, to eating vast amounts of popcorn and doing boring newlywed activities like sleeping in and watching too much Downton Abbey. Its been an amazing 12 weeks and I'm so happy to be married to this amazing lad. 


  1. marriage is the best! i loveeee all the wedding photos and honeymoon photos. now if only i could convince andy to watch downton abbey with me! we watch suits and white collar together, but nothing else. we're very independent in that manner. hehehe.

  2. Yay for a blog update! I'm happy to see you loving married life :) we went to the Nauvoo Temple open house and I would love to do a session there!