Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hong Kong >> Phuket, Thailand

To end my 2 week vacation in HK , Pey and I went to Thailand for his birthday weekend. Peyton has been talking about Phuket for awhile and it was the perfect opportunity to go. We caught a plane early on Friday morning. It was my first time flying in business class. It was so fancy, with a pre lounge before we boarded with food and drinks. Then when we got on the plane (in comfy seats) and had a meal served to us and then fell asleep for the 3 hour plane ride from Hong Kong.

Yes, I am truly taking advantage of everything
business class has to offer. Thank you.

When we got there we took a taxi straight to our hotel.

We wanted to go to the beach right away. So we got on our bathing suits and walked to the beach which was about 5 minutes from our hotel. The water was amazing and was pretty warm.

We sat on the beach for awhile and then decided to head back to get ready to go to dinner.
He cleans up well!

We went and had cheap Thai Massages which was actually quite painful. Then we walked on the beach and got some street BBQ food skewers of pork and chicken.

That morning we got up super early and a car picked us up and took us to a marina where we had booked a canoe excursion on a speed boat. The boat picked us up and took us to an island that is from a James Bond film. They named it "James Bond Island." Not original, at all!

Peyton was very excited about this.

We got back in the boat and then it took us to this place where canoes (complete with men who paddle it for you) were waiting for us. We got to go in these really narrow caves, and then opened up into a grotto like opening. It was beautiful!

We got to get out and go walk around because the canoes wouldnt fit through the opening. Luckily, our paddler man enjoyed taking pictures for us. Sweet soul.

After the caves, we were taken to a Thai food place in the middle of nowhere, where we ate lunch. These resturaunts and shops were literally floating with nothing around them. Then the boat took us to a beach where we got to lay around and get in the water. After that the boat took us back to the marina and we went back to our hotel.

It was such a great day! After we got cleaned up, we went and got another set of Thai massages at a different place which were MUCH better this time. They really do fold you like a pretzel and stand on you to crack your body. It sounds painful but was surprisingly relaxing. Then we went to eat and were so tired we went back to our hotel where I gave Peyton his birthday present. It was a scrapbook I made. I was so glad I got to celebrate his Birthday with him. Happy 31, babe! You don't look a day over 25.

The next morning we woke up and got picked up and taken to this compound where we were going to ride elephants. I wasnt nervous until we actually got on the bench and started riding. I literally felt like we were going to get kicked off at any second. Every step was extreme. I guess they can't walk softly or tiptoe, I won't hold it against them.

After our elephant rider got off and wanted us to sit on the elephant. I can't believe I actually did it. I was terrified! I was scared Billie (our dumbo) was going to go crazy and gallop away knocking us both off. Luckily he didn't do that, and even posed for some pictures. Good Billie.

We got off and then got some pictures with a baby elephant. He was the cutest. We weren't expecting it but he grabbed our necks with his nose and gave us nose hickeys! It was the strangest feeling ever!

After we were taken to a giant buddah that was actually being reconstructed. We bought a tile where we could write our names on it and it would be incorporated into the building of the buddah. Its surreal that our names will forever be held in Thailand on a very large China man. I kinda love it.

We got taken back and had to catch our flight to go back to Hong Kong. The next day we had to say our goodbyes and I left to go home.

Our Thailand trip was amazing and the PERFECT way to end my vacation. Im so fortunate to have such an amazing man in my life where I got to see a different part of the world! I am one lucky chick. If you ever get to visit Thailand, make sure you check out Phuket. And if you ever run into our canoe paddler tell him the American couple that took a grip of pictures say hello!


  1. Your photos are fantastic! I want that baby elephant. : )

  2. After seeing Phuket on the bachelorette and in your pictures I would love to go there someday! You are so lucky!