Friday, June 3, 2011

Rock my Band

I am not a huge fan of video games. Call of Duty? No. Madden Football? Shay Shay. But there IS one video game that I am a complete sucker for. Rock Band and Guitar Hero. (Hey, actually that is two! Maybe I AM a video gamer.)

I first discovered these when they came out about 4 years ago. My Brother-In-Law Lance had all the fixins, guitars, microphones and then eventually drums. Julie and I would go over to visit and stay up for hours taking our band (DABS) everywhere from Los Angeles to Tokyo. We almost peed our pants when we were awarded a tour van, bus, and then the ultimate, a private jet!

The accomplishment of making a band and being successful is so stressful but also so rewarding. When else can you play songs from the Strokes, and The Who?! And you know what...the crowd always loved us. Those little avatars swaying back and forth singing along...I would do anything for my fans. Have you ever tried the Beatles edition? Now THERE is a good time.

I hadn't played it for awhile, basically because I got a job, and a life...but that need to jam out with the Rock Gods always lingered. Recently I decided to join the cult again with my bestie Cody Raptor. And that is when we constructed the group, RAPCAT featuring Whitney and Nate. We even let Colleen try out a song, but she almost died and blammed the buttons. Never again will we invite an outsider to jam out with the best. She doesn't take the jam sessions very seriously, anyways!!!

And there you have it. Don't play this game if you want to have a life, friends, or keep your sanity. It will not happen. I didn't sell my soul to the devil, I sold it for the spirit of keeping the music alive. And I WILL keep rocking on.

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