Monday, January 10, 2011

I guess its resolution time...

New years. I used to hate making resolutions, its just one more thing to fail at...
but this year it seems necessary.
To succeed or not succeed...that is the question.

1. RUN RUN RUN. Im going to be in a Ragnar race in April. And besides the whole running thing, it promises to be a good time. (Brandt, if it is NOT fun, i WILL kill you).

2. Strength training with weights. 15 lbs to go! DONE&DONE.

3. Trying new food. (ignore #2 for a second). I finally tried sushi for the first time this year and now im in love. I also tried Thai and Indian Food. I live in LA. If I cant find good ethnic food HERE than there is something wrong.

4. Read the Book of Mormon. At LEAST twice.

5. Go to the temple to do baptisms.

6. Write in my journal regularly. Im not going to over shoot my ambition by writing every night but I shouldn't have to update the thing once every 6 months. That will make things too confusing for my future grandchildren.

7. Having a positive attitude towards change and new experience. (Melcat will help me with this one)

8. Add more to my savings. And don't touch it. That sale at H&M isn't necessary... Actually it IS, but not worth your savings.

9. Exercise my esthetician trade.. Anyone want to buy a facial?

10. Make a conscious effort to actually sing at church. Id rather listen to Melanie...what can I say?

So there it is. My 2011 resolution list.

I hate it already... and im already failing at #7.



  1. you are NOT failing at #7! i am here! we are having a good good time. promise! you know i ALWAYS got your back boo.

    ps i LOVE your goals. and if we die during ragnar i will personally help you kill brandt too ..

    pss you are the only one ever to say they'd rather hear me sing! this must be your sarcastic side!