Sunday, December 5, 2010

The evolution of a little man

This is Campbell. He is my BFF. We have known each other for 19 months. He is 22 months old. I spend 5 out of 7 days with him. Sometimes 6. I enjoy our chats over string cheese and chocolate milk, our endless Dr. Seuss marathons, and our never ending road trips across town. He knows when I need a hug, a smile, or an extra kiss. And they are always appreciated. Always.

Lately when I look into his deep brown eyes or he shines me his small tooth grin I cant help but think of the little babe he once was. When did this thing called "growing up" happen?! I know he still a little tyke but he's getting too big!

I want him to be fragile and innocent forever. I want a girl to never break his heart, I don't want him to have to make hard decisions, like where to apply for college or who not to date. I want to press the pause button on his life. But thats selfish.

I WANT him to grow up. I want him to be a righteous Missionary for the Lord, I want him to get the priesthood, date a worthy girl, and get married in the temple. And I want him to live life to the fullest. I want him to receive inches of height, gain lots of pounds, and grow up to be a happy, healthy, honorable man.

I know all of this will happen eventually, but right now I am happy just sharing cheese and giggles with him. Theres plenty of time for the hard things in life. Lets enjoy the simplicity while we still can. Heres to you, my little friend.


  1. This makes me want to quit my life and be a nanny....or maybe just have a kid or two of my own. Beautiful, Cat:) Absolutely beautiful. I love you

  2. i just stumbled upon your blog and have to say that this post is wonderful. :)

  3. Will you write about my kids too? I loved reading your words - they remind me why I love my own boys so much. You are such a good nanny and will be an amazing mother.