Thursday, November 4, 2010

I have finally found true love

Yes its true. Ive met him. His first name is Diet. His last name Coke.

At first I really resisted...even with his firm grip on all my friends and family. He kept up persistence and one night i caved to his cool touch. I haven't been the same since. I knew it was love at first ...gulp?

Look at him, posing like no big deal. He is so silly sometimes.

He's there when I need someone to just sip and listen to me. I indulge in him at LEAST once a day.

People say to quit him like a bad habit, but he's here to stay. I just know it.

He has fulfilled that void in my life I didn't know was there. He completes me and im just so ecstatic I finally have realized what was missing.

Don't be envious.
You too, can find a love like mine.
I bet you he's there waiting for the supermarket just minding his own business....on aisle 3. You go get him!


  1. credit goes to the bff for introducing you two.
    just sayin!

  2. This is hilarious. All of my coworkers have the SAME BOYFRIEND. You better talk to him and make sure he isn't two-timing ya'll. :) I WANT TO GO BACK TO CALIFORNIA!

  3. hahaha oh momo. look what you have done! she did this to me too. :)