Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jamel becomes eternal

My beautiful best friend Melanie got married. To a handsome boy named Jacob. (Jacob + Melanie = Jamel ). Get it??
 I was involved in their proposal... let me remind you of that fabulous night! 

On October 29th we returned to that lovely LA temple for them to seal the deal. Make things official. Exchange covenants and promise an eternity to eachother.

My lovely sister did Melanies hair and makeup so I was able to see her get ready, nerves and all! Colleen did an amazing job. 

Melanie was a breathtaking bride! See? 

When the happy couple walked out of the Temple their smiles said a thousand words! I was overcome with emotion of seeing these two make the biggest commitment to eachother. 

See, I saw this relationship from the very beginning. When Jacob was just a boy who came home for the summer. The boy who played footsies with my BFF secretly while at a group dinner. The boy who got on a plane to take her on a first date. Little did we know, Jacob would make her a Mrs. so they could play footsies for eternity! Jacob and Melanie are perfect for eachother and I am so happy that I was able to share their special day with them. 

I don't mind sharing my best gal with such a great guy. I love you both to pieces.
 Here's to eternity!
 Let the adventures begin!

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