Sunday, September 25, 2011

The attack of the hearts

I have a really cute boyfriend. He makes me happy, and he lives in Hong to the Kong. (I feel like im repeating myself, but there may be new readers joining us, so hang in there!) 

He got to come home between work projects for a glorious month & a half. He builds rides for Disneyland. He spends LOTS of time at the happiest place. And now hes spending time in California and making ME the happiest girl! 

I was going to be at work when he landed from his 14 hour flight and wanted him to come home to something that would make his jetlagged self smile. 

operation heart attack.  

I cut out hearts for a good 3 days, and decided to enlist some really good helpers to tag along. (Thank you sweet friends, Liz Dunn & Melanie Warner!) 

We decided to stick these puppies up EVERYWHERE.

Putting up hearts is tiring! We may or may not have had a gossip session on Peytons bed for a few minutes...

 Love these girls so much. 

I left him chocolate covered strawberries in his fridge. They weren't Disneyland special ones...but they were made with love. YUMMY LOVE! 

 We even put a heart on Mickey Mouse himself!  

The night was a total sucess (Complete with cafe rio and a flat tire...Thank you, AAA!)

 I am so glad to have my man home and all to myself for the next little bit.! 

Operation Heart attack: Completed. 


  1. funnest night! minus the flat. especially the gossip sesh on peys bed!

  2. very cute. love your dr seuss quote on the sidebar.

  3. The hearts were a very pleasant surprise. You're the best! And you do know that I keep a ongoing secret tape recorder in my room, right?

  4. How cute are you! I am STILL so jealous of his occupation and when you marry him and have little chillins.... you'll forever get to go to Disneyland. HAHAHA