Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pleasures of guilt

Recently I was talking with a friend about guilty pleasures. It was an enjoyable conversation and I left feeling a little lame and completely satisfied. See, everyone has things they hate to love. Whether its game shows or fruit roll ups, its the little things that make you a better person. Things that you dont necessarily admit to others. Im here to admit my guilty pleasures, proudly and enthusiastically. And secretly, I know you will be right there with me, nodding your head in agreement. Dont be embaressed. Its life. And sometimes the guilty pleasures are the only thing that get you through the day.

Here are some of mine, in no specific order.

Americas funniest home videos - Like the rest of the American race, I enjoy watching others suffer pain and fall down. Does that make me a bad person or just have a simple frame of humor? Who cares, I love it.

Girl Scout cookies

E! True Hollywood Story

Dollar stores

Chick Flicks- (in which someone dies) - When the lights in the movie theatre come on, and you see a sea of mascara smeared faces, you just know that something wonderful has happened.

chick flicks- (cinderella story line) - Because i would give anything to be Sandy from Grease in the final funhouse scene.

humorous bumper stickers

Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches- Maybe it was because I was a nanny, but this is a must.

tacky christmas decorations

Karaoke- Giving people rockstar enjoyment, one whitney houston song at a time

See how much Cody & I enjoy it?

Nick at Nite- These are the classics, people! Brady Bunch? Gilligans island? Happy days? Yes. yes. & yes.

Parenting magazines- Because I absolutely HAVE to know how to swaddle my baby and raise a smarter child.

Oprah- Does this one even need an explanation? Good thing the show is over. My eyes needed a break from all the tears.

Movie Soundtracks

Pajama bottoms- If it were acceptable to wear these out of the house, I totes would...Actually, every time I go to wal-mart, its an extremely popular look.

Practical jokes- Fake vomit? Fake dog poop? Billy bob teeth? Best. Ideas. ever.

too far.

Saturday night live- This isnt a guilty pleasure for me. This is a necessary pleasure. Need I remind you of Will Ferrells Cheerleader skit? Youtube it. Thank me later.

Skee ball- Its also really fun when you position a friend along the side of the alley so that they can toss it into the 50 point hole. But that would be cheating...and I have NEVER done that.

Rock Band & Guitar Hero- Any video game where my avatar is a rockstar.


Beauty Pageants- My favorite are the interview questions, especially the one where the girl pleads that people don't own maps...You know EXACTLY which one im talking about.
And I am NOT talking about the toddlers with tiaras.
That show is against Gods plan.

Water beds- My Aunt Barbara had them in her house, and Colleen and I thought those things were the greatest. They really were. Until they sprung a leak.

Family Feud

The Rose Parade



Top Ramen- Because nothing reminds me more than spending time with my old roomate, BFF Julie, and living off of them for 2 years. Actually, shes probably still living off of them. Love you, girlfriend!


Nancy Drew books

Disney Classics- Im not talking Finding Nemo, im talking Swiss Family Robinson.

Blonde jokes- Especially when Colleen hears one and doesn't understand. Now THAT is a good time.

Readers Digest

Wax Museums- Why yes, I DO want to squeeze Brad Pitts bum.

Im sure I have forgotten some. But im pretty sure you all enjoy a few of these yourselves. And now you know what gets me through the day. Tetris & Dollar Stores. Its amazing im not single!


  1. Swiss Family Robinson!! Parent Trap! Tomasina! Bed Knobs and Broomsticks! I could keep going...

  2. omg i got a shout out! woot woot! yes, tis true since you abandoned me i am still turning tricks for food stamps and thus can only afford cereal and ramen.... the food of love.