Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Harry

Last August while in Utah, I got to ketchup with my lovely cousin Mike and his beautiful wife, Andrea Fowler. Andrea was about 7 months pregnant at this time. (They didn't find out the sex of the babe, so we we took bets on when it would arrive and how big it would be, as well as what parts it would have.)

We even did that needle experiment to see if it was going to be a boy or a girl.
(I got that part right. All boy!)

Mike and I are both October babies and always celebrated our week apart Birthdays together. Imagine our excitement when Baby Harrison was born October 3rd!

Mike and his Family live in Fargo. Yes. People Fargo. A couple weeks ago I was finally able to meet the little guy when they came to California for vacation. It was love at first sight. And let me tell you guys...this baby is the BEST! He barely cried while we babysat him...and when he did...I had my best friend Cody rock him to sleep while dancing to nursery rhymes. (P.s. Cody is a baby whisperer. Who would've thought?!)

I can't wait to see this little babe grow up. Im still trying to convince them to move back to Southern California...which shoulnd't be hard. Did I mention they live in Fargo right now? So Fowlers, pack up. Move back. And bring your kid with you. Or send him FedEx. I promise, Cody and I would take great care of him!


  1. 1. What is the needle experiment?
    2. Where is Fargo?
    3. You look really good with that baby bjorn. Just sayin.

  2. 1. you put it on a string and its the way it sways is if your having a boy or girl.
    2. Fargo. North Dakota!
    3. ;)

  3. Love your post Cat...I'm a little biased!
    Can't beat Oct birthdays (Mike Oct 11, Cat Oct 10, Harrison Oct 03).