Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Am I on Cops...again?

I have never been issued a ticket. (please hold. Gotta go find wood to knock on.)

I consider myself to be somewhat of a good driver. I stay in my lane, I use my blinker, I smile at people and I let people cut in front of me. Problem is... I have been pulled over about 5 times in the last 3 months.

The first time was because I was super lost and was using my iphone GPS to find my destination and he thought i was texting. I kinda think this was just a sorry excuse to get my number...BUTTT I flirted my way out of that one. PHEW.

(Too bad the cops didn't all look like this. YUMMY. )

The 2nd time was because I was the super fun driver after a YSA Halloween dance and stupidly pulled into an alley at 2am in the morning trying to find an IN-N-Out. He was a friendly man and after accusing me of drinking, gave me very direct and giddy directions to receive my California burger fix.

The 3rd was just plain silly. After a late night hanging with Melcat, I was driving home and pulled a "california roll" on a stop sign. I totally paused! Honestly...that cop came out of NOWHERE. Lesson Learned. I'll stop trying to be so LA. Sorry. Your the best policeman, EVER. Lets hug it out.

4th and 5th were for...speeding. Which I completely deny since I was only barely pinching 80. One being on the way to church...God has a sense of humor. I get it. Thanks boo.

So I have come to a conclusion. Cops in California love me. So much that I can talk and okay, flirt my way out of a ticket...or 5. I am not bragging...(Okay, I am). But seriously. I feel incredibly victorious. And after I post this blog post im pretty sure ill be pulled over for karma. Can't wait! Lets do this. Justify Full

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  1. Dang, girl. I'm incredibly impressed. Wish I could have flirted my way out of my two tickets. :(