Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My second family

So if you didnt already know...I am a nanny for a family of five. They are the greatest! When I have children I hope they are as awesome as these little ones. (Minus the tantrums and lack of sleep, please?) a girl can dream, right?

This is Ethan (12) First born and new priesthood holder! He is such a great example to his siblings. And he is INCREDIBLY smart. Im convinced one day he will be an important engineer.

Here is Carter (10)- He is our humor relief. We usually turn to him when we need a witty phrase or suggestion. Always keeping us on our toes!

Next is Emma (6)- She is our fun loving diva spirit. Being the only girl, she has a lot of princess qualities. She plays violin and loves to read.

Next is Noah- (3) Noah is the most energetic, and exciting little boy I know. He always is saying things that are way beyond his years. He once told me that he thinks his Dad had something to do with the making of his brother.

and last but not least, Campbell (18 months)- He is my BFF. We spend so much time together I feel like hes my other half. He enjoys playing with his doggie and eating..a lot.

This family has been such a blessing in my life. I have learned so much from them on how I want to raise my future children, and how important family is in this life. Although the schedule and tasks can get grueling, I honestly treasure the year that I have gotten to know them.

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  1. i just love you TOO much.

    and your amazing job.

    YOU are gonna be the best momma!